Our Company

"Out of this world games"

An indie studio powered by Freedom and Imagination

The studio is made up of brilliant talented people who truly believe in the projects we make.

Games that we develop are, at their core, based around Open World experiences for the player to truly Immerse themselves in and play with one another not just around one another. Every project features player based interaction and attachment to the character they play.

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Our Team:​

Our team consists of members with years of game development experience as well as a few who have recently entered the game development realm. We have a passion for freedom both in our games and our design and work philosophy. We always have positions open and available to those with a passion for sandbox games! Feel free to apply, you’ll hear back in just a business day.

Our Games:

EverEmber Reborn: Unlike any MMO out there, there is no level system or class system.

EverEmber Reborn is in a new genre of games of its own. Although it can be categorized as a Hardcore Openworld MMOARPG, it doesn’t follow the standards of the genre.

Cut right to the chase and have fun. Truly experience an MMO as what it should be, a player interaction driven game with actual attachment to your character with a deeply immersive experience without any leveling or grind.

Percent Developed/Game Development Stage
Pre-Alpha 23%

EverEmber Online: An Openworld/Sandbox MMORPG without any objectives or primary quest lines or quests telling you how to play.

Each player embarks on a journey in which they can take upon any path they’d like. The three main classes are Warrior, Mage, and Archer, which serve their own unique play style.

No one is defined to a particular class, and can change their class at any time, or even form hybrid classes.

Players can live an adventurous life fighting monsters, earning gold, fame, and fortune, or they can embark on a peaceful life mining, fishing, or cutting trees as a profession, selling resources to other players. Players can craft incredible weapons, armors, robes, and tools to assist them on their journey. 

Percent Developed/Game Development Stage
Full Release 100%